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Chunky Plum Sause in the House

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      Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to blog about. Simply because there are so many ideas. Among everything else, I think I’d rather write  about something that is most relevant to what’s going on in my life right now.

     So,  we are visiting my wife’s family in Seattle area. Her parents had a whole rabbit in their freezer. The  problem is that they don’t know how to cook it. I don’t know why would they even buy it  if nobody knows what to do with it? Fortunately, I grew up in the country and my parents had rabbits. I remember my mom used to cook them pretty often so I decided to step in, plus there are so many other ingredients  to experiment with. But this is so cruel  to eat rabbits because they’re so cute and fluffy, someone might say! Well, if you grow up in the country, this is just simply food. If this is still not easy for you to accept,  I would recommend to try harder and get over it buttercup:)  

       Okay let’s get to the point. Since I like to create my recipes on the go and use all the spices and ingredients around me and experiment with different flavors,  this time is not going to be an exception. My in-laws have a big plum tree in their yard which produced an abundance of sweet juicy plums. 

       I decided to create plum sauce for marinating my rabbit. I’m using buttermilk as a base for my sauce. Buttermilk would be ideal for this because any fermented milk product is good for marinating due to its ability to soften and tenderize the meat.  Then I add five medium sized white plums. Cut them at the base and squeeze them out into your sauce.  Make sure you use well ripe or even slightly over ripe plums. It’s going to be easier to squeeze them out. Make sure you get all the chunks out of the plumps as well. They will help to maintain the texture of your sauce. Throw away the skins and the pits. It’s obvious, but  I thought that I’d put it out there because what if someone chokes on it and then comes back and sues me. We live in California,  everything is expected. That wouldn’t be fun! Next, add prune juice, barbecue sauce, and lemon juice. Then, smash and dice the garlic but instead of putting raw garlic in your sauce I would usually quickly sauté it. That inhances the flavor and gives a bolder taste. Last but not least, add your seasonings. I added some salt cayenne pepper and a little bit of chili powder. Make sure you add as much heat as you want but don’t go overboard. You don’t want to breathe fire afterwards.  Stir everything well. Before you marinate your protein in the sauce give it a generous rub with some salt and black pepper.  Let it sit like that for a few minutes.  Separate a small amount of your sauce into different bowl just in case if you want to pour it over your meat or use it for dipping afterwards. Now, emerge your protein into the bowl with sauce and refrigerate for a couple of hours before cooking. Again, options are yours, you can grill it, bake it, or pan fry it. I chose to roast my rabbit in the oven with some potatoes and vegetables. 

      Bon appetite to us, but you still need to cook it;)





Some roasted vegies on a side...